CAD/CAM Technology

CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) refers to computer software used to both design and manufacture products. CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation.

The prosthesis is modeled in a computer program and run on a numerically controlled machine. Technology zirconium, glass ceramics etc. It applies to.

CAD/CAM applications are used both to design a product and to program manufacturing processes, CNC machining. CAM software uses models and assemblies created in CAD software to create toolpaths that guide machines that turn designs into physical parts. CAD/CAM software is mostly used for machining prototypes and finished parts.


It is a modern digital technique that automates the prosthetic creation process.

About Cad/Cam Technology;

Today it is difficult to imagine restorative dentistry without computer programs. Handcrafted dentures are giving way to new, accurate CAD/CAM technology in the world of dentistry.

What is CAD and CAM?

CAD - Computer Aided Design (from English computer help in design, modelling). After scanning the oral cavity, the model is created in the virtual space using special software. As a result, the crown fits perfectly.

CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing. The data about the modeled product is transferred to the CNC machine, where the crown is automatically milled.

With traditional crown casting, there may be situations where the patient experiences discomfort while taking impressions and the crown does not fit the shape exactly. In addition, the manufacturing time of the prosthesis took an average of 2-3 days, during which the patient remained with open, sharpened teeth.

CAD / CAM crowns are not only more accurate and more perfect, but are produced much faster - the number of visits to the dentist is reduced to one.

Benefits of CAD and CAM

  • Creation of structures of any shape and complexity.
  • No discomfort when combing the oral cavity.
  • Production rate of orthopedic structures.
  • The ability to create products from various metals, including zirconia.
  • High precision computer technology (accuracy down to 25 microns).

CAD / CAM technology is suitable for creating one-piece ceramic and metal fixed prostheses of various types: crowns, veneers, etc.

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